The Deluxe Program

Includes 5 Scheduled Visits

Season Long Fertilization

A balanced fertilizer program is essential for keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best. Applications of our premium, slow-release granular fertilizer will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs all season long. The result is a lawn that is lush, green and resilient to drought-stress and lawn diseases.

Season Long Weed Control

Hometurf’s odorless weed control is an effective, all-natural way to keep those pesky weeds under control. Our trained technicians carefully apply the treatment in the spring, summer, and fall to broad-leaf weeds across your lawn.

Lawn Analysis With Every Visit

Following each visit we complete an analysis of your lawn’s condition, allowing us (and you) to track its improvements over a season. Our trained technicians monitor thatch levels, note any disease and insect concerns, and provide watering and mowing advice to help you keep your lawn looking its best between visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of additional services that you can add to any program